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Unleashed Preworkout from JBN featuring similar kind of label as Gifted’s Accelerate

7 years ago
Just Be Natural Unleashed Preworkout

Already in our first week of doing updates on Just Be Natural or JBN for short, we’ve seen the brand introduce a new flavor for one of their supplements. Just four days ago chocolate truffle was added to JBN’s Whey Superior menu making it eight for the growing protein powder. Today the brand have got some more news, although instead of introducing another option for a product, they’ve introduced an entirely new formula. The name of the latest from JBN is Unleashed Preworkout, which as you could have guessed is a pre-workout supplement. Instead of building up to its release everything has been made available today, including its alternatively laid out facts panel. Instead of listing the product’s main contents in the usual area, JBN have actually put everything in its other ingredients section where you can see things scattered like BetaPower betaine, CarnoSyn beta-alanine and AGmass agmatine. The last time we saw something like this was with Gifted’s Accelerate, which coincidentally some one commented on our post the other day stating that JBN do in fact manufacture the entire Gifted line. While the way the label has been put together certainly makes it a little difficult to read what’s in Unleashed as you can see below. If you’re interested the supplement is now in stock at JBN’s official store, with two 30 serving flavors to choose from dragonblood and dragonberry priced at $51.99.

Just Be Natural Unleashed Preworkout
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