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Official facts panel released for Muscle Pharm’s edible Arnold supplement Muscle Bar

Muscle Pharm Arnol Schwarzenegger Muscle Bar

When we first introduced Muscle Pharm’s second addition to the Arnold Schwarzenegger Series with the high protein bar simply titled Muscle Bar. We know a lot of people were wanting to see the rest of the supplement’s macros, since all we had to go off was the the brand’s label listed 30g of protein. Today we’ve got the official facts panel of the upcoming Muscle Bar, just a little more than two weeks out from its April 1st release. Joining the above average dose of protein which is labeled to be made up of whey isolate and concentrate, we get 30g of carbohydrates, (2g fiber, 7g sugar), 16g of fat (9g saturated), and a total calorie count of 370. For those after a closer look at the contents of Muscle Bar we have uploaded the product’s facts panel below, also including its equally important other ingredients section. As mentioned the edible Arnold supplement is due to go on sale the first day of April, however if things go as well as they did with the Hardcore Series over the weekend, there is a good chance will launch Muscle Bar a few days early.

Muscle Pharm Arnol Schwarzenegger Muscle Bar
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