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A1 Supplements gets Muscletech’s new Hydroxycut Next Gen but in 2 sizes

A1 Supplements gets Muscletech's new Hydroxycut Next Gen but in 2 sizes

After Muscle & Strength were the first to put on sale Muscletech’s latest weight loss supplement, the sequel Hydroxycut Next Gen. We knew it was only a matter of time before everyone else started getting the product. One of the locations that has popped up with the supplement is another major online retailer in A1 Supplements, although they’ve got a little something extra to go with their Next Gen release. As well as having the latest Hydroxycut formula available valued at $43.95, quite a bit more than Muscle & Strength’s price of $35.87, even without the freebie. A1 do also have a significantly bigger bottle of the product with a second 180 capsule size. The strategy is much the same as what Muscletech did with Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite, however for that one the brand did go twice the size at 200 capsules as opposed to 80% more. The more important fact of course is that based on A1’s cost you are going to save 15% per serving when going with the larger option. That percentage will of course change from store to store, but it does seem big is still going to be better for Muscletech’s Hydroxycut fans.

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