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Closer look at Muscletech’s upcoming Performance Series protein Micellar Whey

Closer look at Muscletech's upcoming Performance Series protein Micellar Whey

Today we’ve got a closer look at one of the four new supplements Muscletech will have on show at this weekend’s Arnold Classic. Of the group set to be unveiled at the event we know of Hydroxycut Next Gen, the phosphatidic acid formula Phosphamuscle and the protein powder Micellar Whey. It is the last one on that list that we’ve got a better look at, and confirmation on a few of the numbers making up the formula. Packed into each serving of the 2lb product is 25g of protein made up of the micellar whey, a form best described as the power of whey delivered at the speed of casein. Unfortunately as far as macros go the protein total is all we have, as the rest of the details we see on the front of Muscletech’s Micellar Whey are just more highlights of the protein form such as 6 hour amino delivery and its bio-availability index of 104. The only other real detail we get from the supplement preview is the flavor of Micellar Whey, milk chocolate, one we can only assume is going to be joined by at least another taste or two. Muscletech fans interested in seeing the rest of the upcoming product’s label can tune in this weekend for our coverage of the Arnold, where we should get a hands on with the supplement. The mystery fourth from Muscletech is also going to be on display at the event, one we have still yet to see or hear anything on but do know will see the brand enter a category they are already in.

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