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First real look at Muscletech’s phosphatidic acid formula Phospha Muscle

Muscletech Phospha Muscle

The third supplement confirmed for Muscletech’s Arnold unveiling was Phospha Muscle, a product that like most others using its main ingredient gave away its contents in its title. The lead feature in the muscle building formula is none other than phosphatidic acid, however we do now know a lot more about the supplement. Originally all we had to go off was the product’s name and a look at the top half of its bottle, not confirming a whole lot. Today we can officially tell you that Phospha Muscle keeps things colorful in Muscletech’s Performance Series getting its own individual color like the rest, with a brownish yellow. We also know that like the brand’s other phosphatidic acid formula we detailed yesterday PhosphaGrow Black Onyx, Muscletech have included their clinical dose of the main feature at 750mg per five softgel serving. To keep things interesting there is a second ingredient in Phospha Muscle that we don’t know the exact dose of, but you can see in Fuel:One’s phosphatidic supplement Phospha Build. Unlike the other Muscletech Performance Series products from the Arnold Classic, Micellar Whey, Hydroxycut Next Gen and Creactor. Phospha Muscle is expected to be the last one to arrive, with Next Gen being the first as you may have seen last week when it hit Muscle & Strength.

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