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Myprotein expected to do some damage with 1,200 supplements set for the US

Myprotein expected to do some damage with 1,200 supplements set for the US

As many European supplement companies as we know of, there is one that we have heard of more than a handful of times. We knew the brand was big however we never gave them the time we now know they deserve. The company we’re talking about is Myprotein, and the reason we’re all of a sudden introducing them is because soon they will no longer be a major European brand. While a lot of others in the area have talked about getting into the US with the likes of Dedicated Nutrition and Scitec Nutrition, by the sounds of things Myprotein do actually have all the pieces in place.

Just to give you a brief run down of the brand and the same facts that overwhelmed us, Myprotein’s line features all the usuals like proteins, creatines, pre-workout, and a whole lot of basics. It also consists of products that in America you’ll only get from a number of different companies with protein bars, RTDs, chips, porridge, soups, bread, muffins, butters, wafers, yogurts and soon to be cheese. In total Myprotein have 1,600 different items, 1,200 of which the brand are in fact planning on having in the US within the next four months. As big a impact as creative companies have when they start making their way into the market, if or when Myprotein finally arrive the game is going to change. By that we don’t mean innovation or entirely new categories, but power. We’re talking about 1,200 items that will hit areas some have no competition in, and a combination of things that no one brand is even close to carrying.

According to Myprotein their catalog of 1,600 is the largest range of supplements in the world, meaning we are in for a brand bigger than the current wide variety giants such as Optimum Nutrition and Dymatize. A massive impact is of course not guaranteed, as it will all depend on how well the market takes to Myprotein, price and everything in between. The one thing we can’t stress enough and don’t want to sound like we’re repeating ourselves too much on is that total of 1,200. While that number is made up of flavors and sizes, it is more than enough to disrupt a lot of big names and threaten a lot of business.

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