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Flavor number five for PES Select Protein on the way

PES Select Protein flavor five

When we first heard about PES Select Protein it was all about how well the supplement tasted, not something we usually hear about a protein powder before anything else. When the product originally went on sale it was in three flavors, milk chocolate, cookies ‘n cream, and the taste that overly impressed us and set the standard for cinnamon supplements, snickerdoodle. Now PES Select is available in four options with the other one being blondie, however that number is due to increase once more very soon. The brand have confirmed that they’ve put together another amazing flavor for the product, although without giving any kind clue. To be honest even if PES did drop a hint, we’d have trouble coming up with a guess as blondie or even Select’s first three tastes weren’t options we could have guessed 100%. Knowing the brand they’re probably not going to drag out their Select teaser for very long, so if you are interested be sure to sign up to the PES insider group as soon as you can, as that’s where the mystery flavor is likely to launch.

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