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Peanut butter cup PES Select’s new mystery flavor

PES Select Protein peanut butter cup

While we were left thinking PES weren’t going to unveil the latest addition to their Stack3d Certified protein powder Select until its actual release. Much to our surprise word is already out on what the new flavor is. Yesterday we didn’t actually want to take any guesses as the chance of us being incorrect or even way off was highly likely. Now that we know the taste however, we probably should have taken a few stabs at it as it is an option you’ll find on most competing protein’s menus. Finally joining PES Select’s four flavor set of milk chocolate, cookies ‘n cream, snickerdoodle and blondie is another more common taste with peanut butter cup. We still don’t have much of an idea on when we’ll be seeing the product go on sale, now however we at least know what we’re saving up our money for. If the flavor is anything like the rest of the PES recipes you’ll probably want to sign up to the brand’s insider email list, as that is where you’re likely to be able to get your hands on peanut butter cup Select first.

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