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Primordial’s Sustain Alpha brought back to life by BPS

BPS Sustain Alpha

Body Performance Solutions may not be the only brand doing topical formulas, but they are one of the few who continues to push them. You can see evidence of this in the brand’s latest supplement which has just been put up for pre-order, the testosterone boosting topical Sustain Alpha. While you can visit BPS’s official website for the full list of the ingredients used in the product, you won’t unfortunately find a description or explanation for the supplement there. For this one it seems the brand are relying heavily on the name of Sustain Alpha, mostly because the formula isn’t actually entirely new. The topical was in fact originally released by Primordial Performance sometime ago and has since been passed on to BPS, who are now looking to carry on the Sustain Alpha legacy with the formula intact. For those interested in securing a bottle you can head on over to the brand’s website where the product has been valued at $29.99, with pre-orders expected to ship as soon as possible.

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