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Test 3X detailed as Muscletech’s other Black Onyx product hits GNC

Muscletech Test3X

Last week we got a close up look at Muscletech’s second Black Onyx supplement that actually turned the once Hydroxycut only line into a series, revealing an Epiq like formula for PhosphaGrow. This week we’ve got a close up of the other product the brand have put together for their alternatively branded SX-7 Series with the testosterone boosting supplement Test 3X. As previously mentioned the formula is significantly more complex than PhosphaGrow’s list of three ingredients as Test 3X packs a total of eight. We have added the product’s facts panel below for your own look at the transparently dosed supplement, however just to touch on some of its highlights Muscletech have thrown in a clinical dose of d-aspartic acid at 3.12g, a common inclusion by the brand with boron at 200mg, and 125mg of the patented Sensoril ashwagandha extract. Like the other two Black Onyx products, Test 3X is going to be exclusive to GNC where it is expected to have a price around the same as PhosphaGrow, which is actually now available for $99.99 or $79.99 with a Gold Card.

Muscletech Test 3X facts panel
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