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UPS Protein launches 2XL Mass Gain without the important part

UPS Protein 2XL Mass Gain

Australia’s UPS Protein have finally launched their second supplement promised for 2015, with the weight gainer 2XL Mass Gain. The latest from the brand was actually unveiled back when we got our first look at Aminoade, UPS Protein’s amino cocktail going by the same name as Hybrid Nutrition’s.¬†Unfortunately even though the brand have now released 2XL Mass Gain and put it on sale, they haven’t dropped the facts panel for the formula, the one thing that really makes or breaks a mass protein. UPS have listed highlights for the product, however they aren’t overly informative leaving out all the important bits such as protein, carbohydrates and fat. Regardless, if you are a big fan of the brand and willing to put your faith in the supplement. As mentioned 2XL Mass Gain is now available, which if you want to pick up as soon as possible it will cost you $89 direct from UPS Protein’s website, with just the one 10lb flavor to choose from at the moment in belgian chocolate.

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