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4+ Nutrition drop another simple supplement with Aid+

4+ aid+

The new supplement spree continues here in April for 4+ Nutrition, with the unveiling of yet another new product for 2015. After a number of reveals and releases of entirely new supplements, flavors as well as even a series since back in January. The Italian brand have now circled back around for one more straight forward formula. The latest from 4+ Nutrition is titled Aid+, which is the words of the brand has been designed “for athletes who are going to perform intense physical exercise”. Looking at the label of 4+ Aid+ fans are in for a total of six different ingredients, all included to deliver what looks like just an overall health boost. Starting from the top we’ve got 1.6g of calcium pyruvate, 800mg alpha lipoic acid, 280mg n-acetylcysteine, 200mg choline bitartrate, 240mg vitamin C and 1.1mg of vitamin B1. While everything we listed is all that’s in 4+ Aid+ we have also added the facts panel of the product down below for those after a more official look. As for when you can get your hands on the supplement, the brand have said Aid+ was dropped late last week so it should be hitting stores as soon as this week if not already.

4+ Nutrition Aid+ label

4+ aid+ facts

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