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Muscletech’s 60 Seconds on Muscle half a decade old and back

60 seconds on muscle

About five years ago Muscletech fans may remember the launch of the 60 Seconds on Muscle video Series. The collection of clips were the first things uploaded to the brand’s YouTube channel and featured stars such as Phil Heath, Cedric McMillan, Branch Warren and one of Muscletech’s current athletes, Matt Kroczaleski. Three years later the brand did reintroduce the 60 Seconds on Muscle Series which once again also featured the likes of Branch Warren and Matt Kroc. Now half a decade old and two years since the upload of the last season, Muscletech have put together another set of 60 Seconds on Muscle videos. This time around the clips star two of the brand’s more recent family members IFBB Pro Santi Aragon, who talks you through exercises such as the hanging leg raise, smith machine military press and incline dumbbell press. As for the other athlete we have Pro Fitness Model Jenna Renee who runs over a slightly different set of exercises like bodyweight squats, less press and some advanced plank techniques. In total there are 18 new 60 Seconds on Muscle videos which you can now check out on Muscletech’s YouTube channel individually or watch in playlists separated by athlete.

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