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Amino1 and Assault Black leave just OxySport to come

assault black

Just yesterday GNC launched their second MusclePharm Black Label Series supplement, the relatively complex creatine formula Creatine Black. The product joined the brand’s only other Black Label supplement already available, the mass protein Combat Black. After seeing Creatine Black go on sale we were then left wondering how much longer it would take for the rest of the GNC exclusive line to arrive, with the answer now being not long. Joining Creatine and Combat Black, today two more of MusclePharm’s Black Label products have been released beating the series’ May 1st deadline by just over a week. The two new items are the caffeinated Amino1 Black and pre-workout Assault Black, leaving OxySport Black as the only one left to come. Starting off with Amino1 Black, GNC have launched the supplement in a total of two tastes watermelon and fruit punch, and introduced it with a price tag of $39.99 or $37.99 for Gold Card members. As for Assault Black for now there is just the one flavor to choose from in watermelon with fruit punch and strawberry lime presumably on the way. The price on this one is of course a little more expensive than Amino1 Black set at $49.99 or $47.99 for Gold Card members. Looking at the way things are going the chances of OxySport Black also getting an early release have become a lot more likely, especially since we’ve seen three launched in the last 48 hours.

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