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Blackstone Isolation hitting Natural Body next week

blackstone isolation

Of all the supplements Blackstone Labs have unveiled since the beginning of the year, there is just the one left to come. Following the brand’s announcement about the coming of four new products we saw the reveal of Resurgence, EPI Cat, Cobra 6P Extreme and the protein powder Isolation. It is the last one on that last that’s yet to arrive, although that is all about to change. Finally after first hearing about Blackstone Isolation way back in December of last year, it seems the brand are now ready to launch the supplement. An update straight from Blackstone Lab’s themselves confirms that Isolation should be hitting their warehouse by the end of the week. From there the product will go straight out to those who have ordered stock, likely putting it on shelves sometime next week. While there is no exclusivity on the supplement, the brand have also said Natural Body Inc will be the first to get Isolation. Being a store that has always supported Blackstone that’s no surprise, especially since Natural Body have had an exclusive in the past with Blackjack.

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