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Blood Orange G Fuel next up from Gamma Labs

blood orange g fuel

The next new product from Gamma Lab’s has been revealed following the release of yesterday’s teaser video. It was in the short that the brand confirmed the coming of another flavor for our favorite work supplement, G Fuel. Unfortunately for Gamma Labs the 15 second clip was a bit to obvious at the 12 second mark confirming blood orange G Fuel. The taste is set to be the 10th option on the product’s menu, finally taking the extremely effective formula up into double digits. Usually the brand are pretty good at dropping launch dates, however this time around it is just news of blood orange G Fuel with no set release day. Based on all of Gamma Labs other supplement introductions chances are regardless of when they drop their latest recipe it will be hitting their website before anywhere else. As much as we enjoy the supplement, blood orange G Fuel isn’t exactly tempting with our favorites peach mango and FaZeberry looking safe. That being said when Gamma Labs do drop their new flavor if the deal is good, like a lot of fans we may be forced to invest. When the launch does happen we will make sure we get details online as soon as possible, unless of course the brand instead set a date then that will be the next bit of news you get on the topic of blood orange G Fuel.

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