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Blue Animal Pak coming to this Sunday

blue animal pak

An image of a mysterious blue Animal Pak has shown up in a teaser from The picture features both the supplement itself colored blue where it is usually yellow, and a blue iconic tee. Also in the teaser you can see the line “Buy a blue Animal Pak. Get a tee. Help a hero”. Outside of all that nothing much else has been released not even a mention from the brand themselves, although we do feel we have a good idea about what’s going on. Based on the image it appears a limited edition blue Animal Pak is on the way, either packed or wrapped with a limited edition blue tee featuring the brand’s original Animal Pak iconic graphic. The pack is going to be available at, probably not anywhere else, between the dates April 12th and April 26th. To further confirm the idea, if you head on over to’s page for Animal Pak you’ll see that in preparation there is a listing of a “44 packs + free t-shirt”. As for the “help a hero” part of the promotion, we’re thinking a portion of the profits are going to be given to a specific charity. Being that Animal are talking hero here, the charity will most likely be military related maybe one of the many the brand have been involved with in the past such as the Wounded Warrior Project. As mentioned the date we’ve got for the launch of the blue Animal Pak is the 12th of April, giving you the chance to get a free tee and help a hero between this Sunday and Sunday April 26th.

Update: The limited edition blue Animal Pak is now available at

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