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Pro Supps keep it coming with blue raspberry Karbolic

blue raspberry Karbolic

Pro Supps already kicked the year off making a lot of noise with new supplements and an incredibly awesome new look. Fans were introduced to the GNC exclusive Fenumass, yet another fat burner with Vexxum, and a rebranding that really made it unfair for any competitor situated next to a Pro Supp’s product on the shelf. The latest from the black and red brand doesn’t see any more new supplements, but an addition to a current one. Pro Supp’s carbohydrate product Karbolic is usually available in power punch, orange burst, chocolate, strawberry popsicle and the always appreciated unflavored. Stores will soon have a sixth taste for fans to choose from, as Pro Supps have confirmed blue raspberry Karbolic is coming soon to a retailer near you. As you’d expect there is a way to get a hold of the new flavor before it hits store, although it is going to cost you. The brand have already added blue raspberry Karbolic to their own store in both 16 and 32 serving sizes. The catch is that you will be paying around 40% or more to get the product, a price difference probably worth passing on.

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