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C4 Mass sees Cellucor’s M5 live on in the G4 Series

cellucor c4 mass

Ever since Cellucor unveiled C4 Mass alongside their other yet to be released version of the pre-workout C4 Ripped, we have been wondering just how different the brand will make the muscle-building titled pre-workout. A lot of people actually suggested that since the creatine formula M5 Reloaded was not confirmed for Cellucor’s G4 Series, maybe a combination with that would be the C4 Mass direction. It turns out the people were definitely on to something as today we do have the label behind Cellucor’s C4 Mass, confirming as suspected a mixture of C4 with creatine and carbohydrates. Basically everything from the regular C4 has been carried over, right from the beta-alanine and arginine AKG at 1.6 and 1g, to the proprietary blend’s original order of ingredients and weight. Where things get different is with the introduction of Cellucor’s Creacarb blend, justifying the addition of mass to the supplement’s title. The second proprietary tips the scales at a massive 27.5g, bumping the carbohydrate total up to 25g and listing polydextrose, fructose, dextrose, sucrose, and right at the end creatine monohydrate. While the contents are extremely different compared to M5 both in terms of carbohydrate sources and creatine forms, Cellucor’s idea of combining the two is still loud and clear, and sees the fan favorite M5 live on a little. For a closer look at the product’s ingredients we have added the C4 Mass label below, and if you didn’t figure it out already this is the heaviest pre-workout we’ve ever posted about. Thanks to the extra carbs and creatine a single scoop of the upcoming Cellucor supplement totals 34g, with two of those being the maximum suggested working out to an incredible 68g and doubling each number listed below in the C4 Mass facts panel.

C4 mass facts panel
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