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Caffeine Free ENGN changes Pikatropin and choline bitartrate doses

caffeine free ENGN

Last month EVLution Nutrition unveiled their caffeine free ENGN, saying the new variant of the supplement would be coming sometime in April. That time has now come as this week EVL have launched their caffeineless formula through none other than No doubt the pre-workout will be very different compared to the original as it has lost both its caffeine anhydrous and patented Infinergy dicaffeine malate. While initially we did think the removal of the caffeine was all we would be seeing when the alternate ENGN was released, there is actually a bit more to it. In total the caffeine free ENGN’s main proprietary is 197mg lighter, however we can’t blame the loss entirely on the caffeine. Two other ingredients have in fact been moved around, choline bitartrate and Pikatropin (picamilon).

In the original choline is placed 7th right after alpha GPC which is immediately followed by choline bitartrate. In the caffeine free ENGN EVL have noticeably moved the duo around as instead of being 5th and 6th like they should be, they are second and fifth. Meaning their doses have changed, or a few features around them have. Not only is caffeine free ENGN’s formula a little different, but it also packs a slightly different serving amount. Instead of the regular version’s 30 servings EVL have gone 33% less with 20, and put together just the one flavor with blue razz. Despite the tub being significantly lighter, fans will not lose their value for money as the cost for the caffeine free ENGN works out to the same per serving at $19.99 a bottle compared to the 30’s $29.98. As mentioned the latest from EVL is now available from, although do think before you buy as the store are currently running a promotion giving you an extra 10 servings free with 30 serving tubs.

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