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Muscletech Creactor goes on sale for 45 cents a day


Since the Arnold Classic we’ve seen Muscletech announce a number new supplements, adding to their list of new products from the event itself. While it is mostly the post Arnold formulas that obviously haven’t had too much time in the spotlight, almost all of the supplements from the expo have made their way out to shelves. So far we’ve seen Muscletech’s sequel fat burner Hydroxycut Next Gen go on sale as well as the protein powder Micellar Whey. Today joining those two is the creatine product Creactor, meaning all the new supplements from the Arnold Classic are now available. Strangely enough it is the place that was first to stock Hydroxycut Next Gen and Micellar Whey, that is also first to launch Creactor. The store we’re talking about is of course Muscle & Strength who have just added Muscletech’s straightforward creatine formula in both promised flavors lemon lime and unflavored. The price on Creactor as expected is quite competitive with a 60 days supply costing exactly $26.91, working out to roughly 45 cents a day. While it doesn’t compare to the value of the traditional creatine monohydrate, it is right up there when looked at as a creatine HCl product, which does also feature free-acid creatine. No doubt other Muscletech stockists will be getting Creactor later this week, where we really can’t imagine seeing too much difference in price.

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