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Creagyn unflavored and stackable with Purus Lab’s Noxygen


While some Purus Labs fans may be still unwinding from the news of Muscle Marinade possibly making a come back. The brand have today dropped another new product announcement, skipping right over the topic of Muscle Marinade. The teaser Purus have uploaded does hide most of the mystery supplements details, however as you can see above we have played around with the image a little to reveal what’s on the bottle. Creagyn is the name of the product, which the brand describe as a stimulant free cellular energy formula. The name Creagyn may sound familiar to fans purely because it is a lot like Purus Lab’s pump pre-workout Noxygen. Coincidentally the brand are saying Creagyn is going to be stackable with Noxygen, and will boost your performance even further. To help the combination mix together, once again like Noxygen Purus have made their latest unflavored giving you the ability to mix Creagyn with really anything you like. As far as contents go we only know of two so far, the Noxygen ingredient HydroMax glycerol and to go with Creagyn’s name, the patented Magnapower magnesium creatine chelate. More information on the supplement as there is still a bit left to come, is going to be released leading up to the launch of Purus Lab’s new Creagyn which is set to go on sale mid next month.

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