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Creatine Black makes it 3 different creatines for Muscle Pharm

creatine black

The Muscle Pharm Black Label Series information continues to come in, with Creatine Black being today’s supplement in the spotlight. Much like yesterday’s close-up where we got a detailed look at the brand’s GNC exclusive pre-workout Assault Black, Creatine Black is going to be another product in an area the brand are already in. At the moment Muscle Pharm have two creatine options, the Core Series Creatine a simple combination of various creatine forms. Then we have the Arnold Schwarzenegger Series CRE3, a supplement based around its one form creatine nitrate with a few other features also on the list. The upcoming Creatine Black kind of looks like it sits in between the two, using a couple forms of creatine and a few other ingredients to boost results. To make sure the product lives up to its name Muscle Pharm packed the formula with creatine monohydrate and creatine HCl dosed at 3 and 2g. As for the other features, while we were kind of expecting betaine to be in the mix like a lot of other creatines recently, Creatine Black does things a little differently with arginine, glycine, Niagen and BioPerine. Just like yesterday’s Assault Black, we do of course have the facts panel for Creatine Black where you can see each and every one of its ingredient’s doses. At this rate we should have more information on the other Muscle Pharm Black Label supplements very soon, with Combat Black, Amino1 Black and OxySport the three formulas left to come.

creatine black facts panel
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