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Dedicated Pack reformulated and split into AM and PM

dedicated pack

The makers of our #1 pre-workout supplement Dedicated Nutrition, have unveiled a new product they hope will take the spot in yet another category. The name of the supplement is Dedicated Pack, which despite not getting a 2.0 or V2, is a reformulated sequel to the brand’s current multi-vitamin of the exact same name. At the moment the Dedicated Pack features a seven pill formula made up of a super green tablet, vitamin C and D3 pills, an optimal performance capsule, omega-3 softgel, vitamin and mineral tablet and a super fruits capsule. The variety of ingredients in the product is quite impressive, although Dedicated are certain they have improved on the combination in their upcoming rebranded reformulation. While we don’t have an ingredients list to compare the new with the old, one of the biggest changes we know of is that the supplement is being split into AM and PM packs. Much like MRI’s Mutli Tri-System where you have a different serving for morning, day and night, the updated Dedicated Pack has vitamin packs for morning/day and evening/night. We’re not too sure if the two different packs will carry the same amount of capsules as on the box of the 2015 Dedicated Pack it only says 50 packs and 250 capsules. While it could be an even split of five capsules a pack, the AM bags may very well have six or seven and the PM three or four. Regardless of which way the product is split, it is awesome to see the technique we’ve only ever known to be used by MRI in their Athlete Series Multi Tri-System. Like with all mutli-vitamins the ingredients list will be what separates Dedicated pack from the rest, something we can’t imagine will disappoint especially coming from the makers of Unstoppable.

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