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DMBA ban stops production of UPS Crazy and Beta Shred

dmba banned

While we aren’t too up to date with news and stories in Australia, we’re happy to take UPS Protein’s word on the latest from down under. Sadly some unfortunate news has come in about the popular 4-amino-2-methylpentane citrate, AMP citrate, DMBA, whatever you want to call it. The ingredient has been banned for use in supplements in the area which does affect two of UPS Protein’s stimulant powered products. The ban should of course be a problem for more than just UPS Beta Shred and Crazy, as a lot of others have capitalized on the strength of the stimulant ever since its break out here in the US last year. It is worth pointing out though that the brand have said the ban is a “manufacturing ban of products containing DMBA” and that it doesn’t cover retail sales. If you’re like us you may be wondering what does that mean for companies who don’t manufacture their AMP supplements in Australia, such as Core’s Core Fury Extreme, Chaos and Pain’s Cannibal Ferox AMPed and Recon’s Ambush. Which to that we don’t actually have an answer. We searched as much as we could, but wherever UPS got the news from it’s a place we couldn’t find so the information is all the more appreciated. Basically if you’re an AMP fan it would be in your best interest to head on down to your local store and pick up as much as you can, either before the prices go up or stock runs out.

Update: Since our post we’ve been contacted from others in Australia saying DMBA/AMP is not yet banned. From Body War “we are still selling bodyshred and pre war with no issues”

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