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New Gaspari Nova X hitting retailers this week

gaspari nova x

Week after week it’s been more news from Gaspari Nutrition whether it be in relation to one of their upcoming flavors or entirely new supplements. This week following on from last week’s reveal of the contents behind the upcoming muscle builder Nova X. Gaspari have finally announced when fans are going to be able to purchase the brand’s Anatropin replacement. It was all the way back in early February when we got our first glimpse of the product where Gaspari teased the coming of some kind of testosterone formula. Since then we’ve seen the name unveiled, the branding drastically change and this coming week will hopefully see it go on sale. According to Gaspari themselves their new Nova X has arrived at their warehouse and is already on its way out to retailers. The brand is saying fans can expect to see the supplement in stores as early as this week, possibly making it available before the month is out. Each and every Gaspari stockist will of course be different and likely launch Nova X at different times. However stay tuned here at Stack3d as we will do our best to point you in the direction of one of the first places to get Nova X.

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