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Grape Alpha Amino makes it to the G4 Series and keeps its exclusivity

grape alpha amino

Cellucor’s G4 Series Alpha Amino was originally released in all the usual flavors getting four in total. The tastes were fruit punch, watermelon, lemon lime and icy blue razz, the same four options that were available for the previous version of Alpha Amino. Some Cellucor fans may remember that there was in fact a fifth produced with grape, however it was exclusive to That recipe now seems to have made the journey from G3 to the G4 Series, as the online store are now listing grape for the updated supplement. To help introduce the flavor this week, a promotion has been put together for Alpha Amino making it significantly cheaper to purchase the complex amino cocktail. Usually at a 30 serving tub of the product costs $29.99, although for a limited time Cellucor fans can grab it with a buy two get one free deal. The sale drops Alpha Amino down to $19.99 a tub for shoppers and does allow you to mix and match giving you the chance to try grape with one or two others.

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