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Actv8 time for Hybrid as they move on from Phase 1


Hybrid Nutrition’s rebranding has really been their main focus over the past few weeks with the team dropping images here and there of their much more modern and better looking supplements. While we have already had a look at what Hybrid’s pre-workout Endo Fuel is going to look like in the new uniform, today we have an extra bit of news to go with it. Despite most people probably not expecting much to change formula wise, the brand have released the facts panel for their updated energizing product. The label doesn’t see any surprises with everything that was originally in Endo Fuel still there, all at the same doses. As uninteresting as that may be, Hybrid have got a little something extra to go along with the supplement’s facts panel. The brand have confirmed that phase 1 of their upgrade is complete and they are now on to phase 2, which according to them means it’s now time to “actv8”. Whether that is a hint at some sort of Actv8 Series or product named Actv8 we’ll have to wait and see, but it would be strange if Hybrid came up with Actv8 just for the name of phase 2. We do of course still have a fair way to go as an updated website is said to be coming with the brand’s new look as well as a few new supplements. So if Actv8 is in fact something it only adds to the list of things Hybrid have left to do on top of their rebranding.

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