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Mint chocolate Quest Bar officially unveiled with release date

mint chocolate quest bar

Yesterday, a day before Quest Nutrition said they would announce the name of their new Quest Bar flavor we confirmed the recipe as mint chocolate chunk. Today the brand have made it official unveiling their mint chocolate Quest Bar. The two taste flavor makes it a total of 18 options for the brand’s internationally known protein bar range, although their first effort to include mint in any way. As excited as fans of Quest Bars may be, while the brand have announced their mint chocolate Quest Bar it is not yet available for purchase. Like always the brand are putting off the actual launch of their latest for a later date, which by later we mean tomorrow. Basically in less than 24 hours time, at exactly 11AM Pacific, mint chocolate chunk will go on sale through Quest’s own website. If we get the usual price on the brand’s bars it will be $2.39 each or $24.99 for a box of 12. If however we see any kind of discount, we could be in for as low as $18.75 a box as seen on Cyber Monday. Unfortunately there has been no confirmation yet of any promotion, so we will just have to wait and see with the countdown currently at 20 and a half hours to go.

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