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MusclePharm Hardcore Series gives fans what Jym hasn’t

musclepharm hardcore series

After a long and painful (for Jym fans) introduction, the MusclePharm Hardcore Series finally went on sale last month. With both the pre-workout Wreckage and post-workout Gainz being quite similar to Jim Stoppani’s Pre Jym and Post Jym, and the protein powder Diesel featuring the same transparency as Pro Jym. The exclusive line put the cherry on top with prices 20 cents or less cheaper than Stoppani’s competing product. All the likenesses stirred up quite the battle between both MusclePharm and Jym fans, a war that still continues on to this day. Despite the unfortunate comparisons and sad similarities, there was one thing we knew right from the battle of Pre Jym vs Wreckage that was going to put MusclePharm ahead. While Stoppani’s supplements do pack a little more than the Hardcore Series, the Jym line is never discounted keeping the idea of quality products at realistic prices. As for MusclePharm’s items they were always destined to set themselves apart from the Jyms with specials, something they have now done. For an unknown amount of time Diesel, Wreckage and Gainz are all $5 cheaper than their regular prices. The promotion drops both Wreckage and Gainz down below $30 and Diesel quite impressively for a 4lb under $50. There is no coupon code required just add the item or items to your cart and the savings will be applied. If you’re looking for a percentage for Diesel the discount is about 10% and for the others it’s around 15%. While the argument is most definitely going to be made that Jim Stoppani’s formulas are worth more than MusclePharm’s $5 difference. We won’t be surprised if the sale brings more interest to the Hardcore Series whether it be from Jym and MusclePharm followers, or even future fans trying to decide between the two exclusive lines.

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