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Muscletech Plasma Muscle’s Peak ATP means BetaATP for the trilogy

muscletech plasma muscle

Just as we suspected Peak ATP has been confirmed as one of the two patented ingredients in the upcoming Muscletech Plasma Muscle. We originally figured it would be a part of the muscle-building formula purely based on the highlights the brand were promoting. Not only did the promises match those used in descriptions of other Peak ATP supplements, but the numbers and percentages mentioned were also exact matches. While it did point at one feature which as said Muscletech have now confirmed for us, it still leaves the never before used ingredient as a bit of a mystery. The brand did say more would be revealed leading up to Muscletech Plasma Muscle’s unveiling in early May, something they have now started doing. Being that the product does really only have one thing to hide, the brand are making the most of keeping that feature a secret. They are actually playing a game of hangman with their fans, asking people to submit letters that they should reveal. As of right now no letters have been confirmed, just that the ingredient is a seven letter word. Until more information comes in we’ll have to leave the Muscletech Plasma Muscle update with just the confirmation of Peak ATP. Which for fans of the brand’s SX-7 Pro Clinical stack is good news as it means the Muscletech trilogy will feature the BetaATP combination.

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