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Myprotein Mysyrup sets itself apart with zero calories


As Myprotein continue to be a big threat here in the US, things haven’t stopped for them back in their home market. The originally European only company have just announced their latest innovation, with Mysyrups. As you can see in the image above and probably could have guessed based on the name, Myprotein’s new product is a naturally flavored syrup designed to be put on foods such as porridge, pancakes, yogurt or even with your favorite protein shake. While you may be wondering what separates this from all the other syrups out there, for that we direct you to Mysyrup’s extremely interesting highlights. Not only is the supplement naturally flavored as mentioned earlier, but it has zero sugar, fat and calories. If those facts weren’t enough for you to get your wallets out, then the five Mysyrup flavors might be what it takes to tip you over the edge. To reach as many audiences as they can, Myprotein have put together a variety of flavors for Mysyrup with blueberry, butterscotch, chocolate, maple and raspberry. For more information on Myprotein’s latest for Europe you can check out their website, which is where those within the area can now purchase Mysyrup. To help launch the product and put the delicious looking syrups in the hands of fans as quickly as possible, the brand have dropped a pretty good deal that will make it hard to leave their online store without a Mysyrup. While you can purchase a 400ml bottle of the supplement for £4.49, if your order of anything from Myprotein totals more than £10 you will get one free with the code “SYRUP“. That coupon will expire midnight this Thursday so act fast if you’re interested, and remember the Mysyrups are only available through the brand’s European stores not the US.

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