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Nova X and Real Mass Advanced launched for around the same price

nova x

If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on Gaspari’s new muscle builder Nova X despite all the posts being put up from the likes of PricePlow and Anthony Roberts via Medium. You’ll be interested to know that the supplement has officially gone on sale through its first retailer. While in the past it’s been places like Muscle & Strength or who launch the latest from Gaspari. This time around it is in fact Fitness First USA who have done the deed. The one last question has finally been answered, how much is Gpasari’s Nova X actually going to cost. The answer might come as quite the surprise to most as even compared to the brand’s last muscle building effort, Nova X is rather expensive. Fitness First have set the price of the product at $57.99, definitely a lot more than your average testosterone booster. If you’re thinking maybe it’s just the store who have set the price high, Fitness First do have all their other Gaspari supplements priced competitively. So if that is in fact the case then the increase would quite odd. Coincidentally another new product from the brand has gone on sale today with Real Mass Advanced hitting none other than For fans interested in that the mass protein is actually cheaper than Nova X at $53.99 for 22 servings in either chocolate, vanilla or strawberry.

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