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Not much from NOW Foods for the month of April

NOW foods

Usually when we talk about NOW Foods new supplements for the month we see a bunch of individual ingredient formulas and on occasions, a few slightly more complex products. This month however things are a lot less exciting as the brand haven’t really got any new supplements to show. Instead, for the month of April NOW Foods have got just a handful of items for their NOW Natural Food and Ellyndale Organics lines. Starting with the Natural series the brand have four non-GMO raws with Organic Sprouted Brown Rice, Wild Rice, Farro and Organic Freekah. The products all come in 16oz bags except for the Organic Wild Rice which has been produced in a half-size 8oz pouch. As for the Ellyndale Organics items NOW Foods have put together two, both coconut based supplements with Coconut Infusions Butter and Coconut Infusions Garlic. While none of the six new products from NOW Foods are the traditional supplements we like to post on, it won’t be too surprising if one or more of the products are of interest to some of our readers. If that does include you, expect to see the four raws and two Coconut Infusions in stores within the next week or so, if not already.

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