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OxyMax XT label completely revealed after week long contest

oxymax xt

Earlier this week Performax Labs started a little competition in an Anabolic Minds thread asking fans to guess the contents of their new fat burner OxyMax XT. They gave those interested a blacked out label to start off with, then each day dropped clues on specific ingredients from the supplement itself. To close out the week and let those who guessed correctly know that they’ve won, today Performax Labs have revealed the complete facts panel for their latest innovation. In total OxyMax XT features 10 different ingredients all spread out into two proprietary blends, except for BioPerine which sits on its own at 5mg. We have added the products label down below for your own look at everything, but will list out some of the supplement’s highlights including the leader of the blends, n-phenylethyl dimethylamine hcl, selaginella for its amentoflavone, rauwolfia extract and of course caffeine. The wait from here for those now more or equally as interested in OxyMax XT is not that long at just two weeks. Performax are saying the product will be going on sale before the month is out with their launch sale we can only imagine going through NutraPlanet.

Performax OxyMax XT facts panel

oxymax xt facts panel

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