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Phospha Muscle goes on sale with Clear Muscle like price

phospha muscle

Last year Muscletech launched their well hyped muscle-building supplement Clear Muscle causing quite the stir with its promises. The brand is now back in 2015 releasing their stackable muscle builder Phospha Muscle that was revealed leading up to the Arnold Classic. Since that first sighting the contents of the product have been released confirming Muscletech’s second phosphatidic acid formula. The next likely step is of course for the supplement to go on sale, which today it has indeed done. Muscle & Strength, the store that was first to launch Micellar Whey, Hydroxycut Next Gen and the creatine Creactor are now also the first to launch Phospha Muscle. As you might have guessed based on all the other phosphatidic acid products you’ve seen around, Phospha Muscle’s price tag is right up their with its stackable muscle-building partner Clear Muscle. The cost of a full bottle of Phospha Muscle which will last you a full 28 days or 4 weeks is $48.93. It is a tiny bit cheaper than Muscletech’s Clear Muscle although will take the stack of two up into triple digits. While we won’t be surprised if the two end up getting joint promotions such as buy one get the other half off, encouraging purchasing of the two together. It is worth mentioning that Muscletech do still have another piece of the puzzle left to come. Plasma Muscle the two ingredient supplement suspected to be featuring Peak ATP, is coming next month and has been designed to stack well with both Clear and Phospha Muscle. The set will obviously see that months supply price go up even further as well as bring back memories of the last Muscletech muscle-building stack made up of Creakic, Gakic and Leukic.

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