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Purus AminoD BOGO at Tiger Fitness for today only

purus aminod

While usually we keep the deals to a minimum here and only really bring them up if it’s in relation to a relatively new supplement. Tiger Fitness have come up with a great offer that is available for today only and well worth highlighting in a post. The product thrown in the spotlight is Purus AminoD, which at Tiger Fitness would usually cost you about $32.99 per 30 serving bottle. The store do have a buy two get one deal online as well, however that isn’t the big promotion you want to take advantage of. Going even cheaper than the buy two get one is a buy one get one on Purus AminoD dropping the supplement to an unbeatable $16.49. The big catch is of course that the offer is only available today, as it will be expiring later tonight. At the moment all three Purus AminoD flavors are listed, blue raspberry lemonade, jolly watermelon and strawberry limeade, although they may go if stock runs out. Feel free to throw other items in with your purchase to make your order more worthwhile, but whatever you do make sure you get in quick.

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