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Real Mass Advanced confirmed as Gaspari’s next gainer

real mass advanced

Since Gaspari Nutrition was sold out of bankruptcy late last year we haven’t seen anything new from the brand but have heard about plenty of supplements on the way. The products on the list said to be coming soon include Nova-X, PlasmaJet, SP250 and the formula we’ve got a detailed look at today Real Mass Advanced. Just like Nova-X is the replacement for Anatropin, Real Mass Advanced is the replacement or sequel to Gaspari’s last mass gainer Real Mass Probiotic. Compared to the previous version the latest Real Mass has actually dropped its numbers a bit sitting with a total of 1,000 calories per serving as opposed to the Probiotic’s massive 1,230. Making up that total for Real Mass Advanced is 47g of protein, 188g of carbohydrates (1g fiber, 43g sugar) and 7g of fat (3.5g saturated).

The big difference there is of course the carbs or more importantly the sugar, as Probiotic’s protein and fat was only 3 and 3.5g more, but the carbs and sugar 62 and 33g more. The reason behind that it seems is because Gaspari have infused the high quality ingredient HBCD (highly branched cyclic dextrin) from their complex carb formula Glycofuse, with Real Mass Advanced. Some other features you will see in the supplement’s other ingredients section are glycine, creatine and BCAAs, none of which Gaspari actually used in Real Mass Probiotic. The brand doesn’t say anywhere if those three or five features are counted towards Real Mass Advanced’s protein total, however we do know the creatine is dosed at 5g meaning the extra amount of glycine is more than that. Looking at the menu fans are in for the same three flavors as Probitoic in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, and by the looks of things just the one 12lb 22 serving size to choose from. As always to give you a better idea of what you’re in for at we have added the official facts panel for the Gaspari product down below with the launch of Real Mass Advanced expected to be happening sometime in the next few months.

Gasapri Real Mass Advanced facts panel

real mass advanced

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