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Alpha Amino Xtreme Cellucor’s energized amino entry

alpha amino xtreme

Just as Cellucor did for C4 with C4 50x, they have now launched a more hardcore version of their amino cocktail Alpha Amino titled Alpha Amino Xtreme. Like all good spin-off supplements the brand have kept everything that makes up the G4 Series original intact for Alpha Amino Xtreme. The only change that Cellucor have made to justify the extra word in the product’s title is an additional 119mg proprietary blend. Right at the bottom of Alpha Amino Xtreme’s label, underneath the 5g BCAA matrix, 3g hydration formula and 2.5g Alpha Amino complex is the new Alpha Amino Xtreme blend. As you may have guessed if you’ve been watching what the likes of Scivation have done with Xtend Go and Muscle Pharm with Amino1 Black. Cellucor’s extra proprietary in Alpha Amino Xtreme is an energy blend.

The upgrade of sorts adds four new ingredients to the mix with caffeine anhydrous, XCelicor caffeine pterostilbene as seen in C4 50x, and two vitamins B6 and B12. While there isn’t any difference between Alpha Amino and Alpha Amino Xtreme’s labels outside of the four added ingredients. If you’d like a closer look we have added its official facts panel below. As for the new Cellucor supplement’s options there isn’t of course as many flavors to choose from as there is for Alpha Amino. Compared to he regular version’s four, Alpha Amino Xtreme gets only three flavors with grape, fruit punch and watermelon, and only the one 30 serving size. Despite the fact that the new energized Alpha Amino has today gone on sale at GNC, it is not exclusive to the store. Priced at $49.99 and $44.99 with a Gold Card Alpha Amino Xtreme is set to hit other locations, with expected to be next.

Cellucor Alpha Amino Xtreme label

alpha amino xtreme label

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