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Alphamine cocktails coming soon to PES Insiders

alphamine cocktails

At a time where a lot of brands are focusing on flavoring whether it be for their pre-workout, amino cocktail or protein powder. PES have jumped on the band wagon and put together a few special options for their flavored fat burner Alphamine. At the moment the supplement is available in a total of three tastes in the US with cherry limeade, fruit punch and raspberry lemonade. Basically the new flavors PES have come up with will double Alphamine’s menu, taking it to a total of six. All three of the brand’s creations have a cocktail theme running through them with appletini, margarita, and strawberry piña colada. Not only do they all carry the same theme, but they are also all very different compared to the others on Alphamine’s menu almost making it a whole new product for fans. Like all PES releases the Alphamine cocktails will be launched through the brand’s insider group. We don’t know anything about the deals they’ll be bringing or when they’ll be released, but if you want to be one of the first to know sign up to the PES Insider list.

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