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Angel Dust V2 to replace Blackstone’s AMP citrate pre-workout

angel dust v2

Blackstone Labs are one of the few brands left selling their AMP citrate supplement (direct) from the list of those who got sent letters from the FDA. The product is still available for purchase at in four flavors, watermelon, red ice, blue sky and lemonade for $44.99. Despite the status of the current Angel Dust, news has come in confirming that Blackstone Labs are in fact reformulating their popular pre-workout supplement. The unofficial name being used for the all new Angel Dust is simply Angel Dust V2, which could very well turn back into Angel Dust and just be called V2 for the time being. We don’t have any idea about what’s going to be in the updated product, only that Blackstone Labs are currently testing Angel Dust V2 in one of its predecessor’s flavors. The fact that it is in testing means we also don’t know when Angel Dust V2 will be available, however with AMP disappearing fast we can’t imagine the sequel being too far away.

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