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Animal Whey gets chocolate chocolate chip added to its menu

animal whey chocolate chocolate cookie

On new year’s eve Animal Pak launched their protein powder Animal Whey as an exclusive to the popular online store. The supplement arrived with a total of three traditional tastes, all flavors you’d expect to see on the menu. Keeping away from the likes of strawberry and banana, Animal went with chocolate, vanilla and cookies & cream. The three tastes were available in the two usual sizes, a 27 to 28 serving 2lb and 54 to 56 serving 4lb. Since the arrival of Animal Whey the brand have introduced another tub with their four serving trial, which this week has been followed by another addition with a fourth flavor for the product. Joining the Animal’s three traditional tastes and still keeping away from the fruity recipes, the brand have released chocolate chocolate chip. We don’t quite know what makes this one any different from the regular chocolate, however seeing as it is Animal Whey’s fourth you have to assume it is a very different experience. For those who would like to find out how much better, worse or the same chocolate chocolate chip Animal Whey is, the flavor is now available from the supplement’s exclusive retailer in all sizes except for the trial tub.

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