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Save another 20% on PES massive 8lb Blondiedoodle bundle


Last month launched the PES Blondiedoodle bundle, saving fans around 20% on 4lbs of Select Protein. The set included a 2lb tub of each title merged flavor, snickerdoodle and blondie. The two are definitely the brand’s most creative recipes making it a great match, with snickerdoodle being the best cinnamon effort we’ve come across and blondie easily one of the most unique. The 20% saving highlighted is based on buying two 2lb tubs of Select Protein, however it is still a bargain compared to a single 4lb as you save 10%. Whether it’s due to the success of the PES Blondiedoodle bundle or just because they can, have now added an even better option for Select fans with an 8lb Blondiedoodle stack. As you can imagine the discount on this one is even better as compared to purchasing two 4lbs individually, the giant Blondiedoodle bundle will save you the same again at around 20%. The only catch as mentioned is that you don’t get to choose the flavors, although being snickerdoodle and blondie you’re not likely to be disappointed.

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