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Branch Gainz makes it three for Physiques of Greatness

branch gainz

Physiques of Greatness (POG) is a supplement company that you would have definitely heard about if you’re a follower of Marc Lobliner’s or Tiger Fitness. The guys behind the brand are Chris Jones and Vince Garza from the YouTube channel by the same name, Physiques of Greatness. Previously the brand had just the two products, their original pre-workout PreOG and Cuts FTS the fat burner. Today POG have introduced their third formula extending their reach out into the BCAA category with the appropriately named supplement Branch Gainz. As much as its title suggests Branch Gainz is just a BCAA product, it does in fact pack a little bit more into each of its 30 servings. On top of an average 6g dose of 2:1:1 BCAAs, Branch Gainz also features 1g of taurine and 2g glutamine, as well as sodium, potassium, vitamin B6, and chloride so according to POG “your pumps and performance are maximized”. The latest from Physiques of Greatness can now be picked up from Tiger Fitness for $24.99 with just the one 30 serving green apple option available.