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BSc Hydroxy Shred hype questionable without details

bsc hydroxy shred

Body Science or more commonly known as BSc, is an Australian supplement company who we last saw introduce their Green Tea X50 competitor Green Tea TX100. The brand have now started teasing the coming of another product going by the name Hydroxy Shred. You can see most of BSc’s teaser above featuring the title of the supplement and an image that further gives away the category of the formula. If you couldn’t guess it by the name, Hydroxy Shred is expected to be some kind of fat burner. While the brand haven’t exactly come out and said that is what the product is, based on BSc’s other weight loss formulas we feel it is the right category. At this point unfortunately the brand have not confirmed any other details outside of the title, they have however made a rather confident statement. In combination with their teaser image BSc have said “Believe the hype!”. As confident as that line is, we haven’t actually seen the brand release anything worth getting excited about making the hype somewhat questionable. For now the supplement is just “coming soon” which should work well for BSc as it leaves them plenty or at least some time to make Hydroxy Shred a little more interesting.

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