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Cellucor Weight Loss Kit updated with G4 Series supplements

weight loss kit

For as long as we’ve known Cellucor they’ve been pretty good when it comes to getting stacks together for some of their more popular supplements. Whether it be something as big as the Results Kit or the simple Weight Loss Kit combination made up of Super HD and CLK, the brand have managed to keep the stacks going. The latest from Cellucor is yet another edition of the Super HD and CLK Weight Loss Kit, this time of course incorporating the brand’s updated versions of the two. The stack brings together a stimulant powered product and stimulant free formula with all the upgrades Cellucor have given the duo for their G4 Series. The all new Weight Loss Kit can now be found at GNC, where you may be asked to pay a little more for the two but you will save a bit compared to the store’s regular prices. Usually the duo separately would cost you around $119.98 which is actually cheaper than the Weight Loss Kit at $119.99. That being said we did say you’d save money and for that you will need a Gold Card. While $119.98 is the usual price for Super HD (60) and CLK (90) individually, members do get a discount of $12. The discount on the Weight Loss Kit however is much greater as instead of $119.99 it will cost you just $95.99. As mentioned you may find Super HD and CLK cheaper elsewhere, although at least GNC shoppers now have a more cost-effective option.

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