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Core Pump now available down under at Massive Joes

core pump

As young as Core Nutritionals new dedicated pump pre-workout Core Pump is, the supplement has already made its way out of the country. Following the brand’s own insider release from late last month and the retail launch soon after. Core Pump has landed down under and is now available to Core fans in Australia. If you’re wondering where you need to go to get a hold of the product, it is of course one of the country’s biggest retailers who has it, Massive Joes. Core Pump has hit the store in both of its two 28 serving flavors, pineapple strawberry and sour apple candy. As for the price on the supplement, while it is $39.99 here at most locations, those down under will be looking at $69.95 (AUD). The supplement has about the same difference compared to its competitors at Massive Joes as it does here with the likes of iForce’s Hemavol Max valued at $59.95 and Purus Labs Noxygen at $39.95. It really only makes sense that the store gets the latest from Core Nutritionals as they were also first in the area with the Australian exclusive pre-workout, Core Fury Extreme.

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