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Dust V2 available for pre-order at introductory price

dust v2

Just as they do for all their new supplements, Blackstone Labs have launched their reformulated pre-workout Dust V2 direct. It was only just last week that the brand unveiled and detailed the product, confirming the removal of four ingredients and the introduction of nine new ones. Some of the biggest features that have been cut are d-aspartic acid and creatine, which made room for a lot more including di-caffeine malate, Noopept and yohimbine. To get yourself a tub of the AMP citrate free pre-workout Dust V2 and take advantage of the brand’s direct launch, Blackstone’s official website is the place to go. It is there they have uploaded the supplement with a pre-order opportunity giving it an introductory price of $39.99, $5 less than the regular $44.99. All three of the product’s familiar flavors are available to choose from with blue sky, watermelon and red ice. As much as the Blackstone Dust V2 release is a pre-order offer, you won’t actually be waiting too long for the supplement to be shipped out. The brand have said pre-orders will ship this Friday, meaning the longest you’ll be waiting is three days for your order to be processed.

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