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DVST8 the AMP pre-workout you need to get before it’s gone


It wasn’t too long ago that we actually introduced Inspired Nutraceuticals and their five supplement line up. The brand doesn’t have much but they do cover most of the main areas including pre-workout and weight loss. It is their pre-workout DVST8 that we’d like to talk about today as Inspired have passed on some unfortunate news. Like most companies using AMP citrate in their products, Inspired have confirmed that DVST8 is in the process of being reformulated. Initially we asked the brand if this was case as after a few runs with the AMP powered DVST8 we discovered quite quickly that the supplement could potentially be a top rated pre-workout. It packs a pump, energy, focus and non-stop intensity that will have you going balls to the wall from start to finish. Obviously there isn’t much point in doing a complete review for something that is going to changed, so hopefully that short little summary is enough to give you an idea about DVST8. On the bright side Inspired have decided to help share their awesome pre-workout experience while they still can. The brand have put together the coupon code “STACK3D” for use on their own website which will give you an incredible 50% off. It drops the AMP citrate formula DVST8 down from $74.99 to $37.49, making it less than $1 a serving with a two scoop maximum. Compared to most other pre-workouts out there you will not be disappointed with this one, especially at its discounted price.

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