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DVST8 review, Inspired pre-workout ticks all the boxes

dvst8 review

When news came in of Inspired Nutraceuticals reformulating their pre-workout DVST8 we were kind of disappointed. While it did mean another solid AMP citrate pre-workout was going to be taken away, it also meant we’d have to hold off on our review. At the time of the announcement we were already in the middle of our DVST8 review, testing out the supplement to see what it was all about. The reason we had to hold off was because there isn’t much point in reviewing about a product no one can buy. Either way we posted about the reformulation and gave a short DVST8 review. Strangely enough after those few words a lot of people ended up asking about the supplement, so despite the fact that Inspired’s pre-workout doesn’t have much time left here today we have our DVST8 review.

The one thing we found with AMP citrate formulas in the short time the industry made use of the controversial stimulant, was that they were either good or bad. Much like the DMAA era of pre-workout products, it was kind of like the brand put the right amount in or weren’t even close. The same could almost be said about using some of the supplements at half of their maximum, as it wasn’t really until you pushed the limit of a product that you got the real AMP experience. Either way Inspired’s DVST8 was or for a few more months is, one of those good AMP citrate supplements. It packs a punch so memorable it’s addictive, and something you can really only compare to other AMP pre-workouts.

There is of course a lot more in DVST8 than AMP citrate, which is probably why it stands out as one of our best experiences with the stimulant. Like all intense pre-workouts, Inspired’s DVST8 kicks in pretty quickly bringing on a good hit of focus and energy. You could probably afford to take two scoops of this a little earlier than usual as the rush of drive and eagerness to workout can be a difficult to bear a few minutes out from the gym. If we’re making the feeling sound at all uncomfortable, it is quite the opposite as at no point will you dislike the sensation. Despite the strength of the focus and energy that comes over you, DVST8 delivers in it a very smooth fashion. You won’t get jittery or too stimmed out, your mind will feel focused and centered on the job and your entire body more than ready to go.

dvst8 review

Once you actually start your workout it is then you realize DVST8 is about to push you beyond your limits. Right after the first set you’ll put the weights down or let go of the bar, then almost immediately want to get going again. As little energy as it feels like you’re using, what you’re lifting and the reps that you’re doing will be enough to prove that it is the product that’s refueling your body abnormally fast. Your rest periods will be cut in half as the focus of DVST8 challenges you to get going heavier and harder, with the energy side of the supplement giving you the ability to perform at the level your mind desires. Soon after that first set or exercise you’ll be in the rhythm knowing full well what you’re capable of, powering through everything you throw at yourself with what seems like an endless supply of energy.

As good as DVST8’s non-stop energy is, and as well as it performs with its complimentary focus, there is one more side to the product. Pump is also a big feature of the Inspired Nutraceutical’s pre-workout, strong enough to call it a highlight. While the pump of the supplement isn’t quite on the level of its energy, focus or seamless intensity, it is enough to make regular movements and stretching difficult. DVST8 does a great job at pumping you up and filling you out making it a lethal combination for the likes of arm day. The energy fuels your body, the intensity forces you to exhaustion on every set, the focus makes sure you’re lifting at the level you should, and the pump just the whole experience that much more enjoyable.

Before we round out our DVST8 review we will mention that like a lot of powerful pre-workouts you aren’t going to want to use this every workout. We found that even using it every second day it had tolerance issues, with every third or fourth being the way to go. You are more than welcome to try it more frequently however it will lose that initial kick and high level of energy. The pump, intensity and a large amount of the focus will still be there, but it’s definitely not the same without the energy.

dvst8 review

DVST8 review final words

With Inspired’s DVST8 ticking all the boxes it needs to, it will definitely go down as one of the AMP citrate era greats. When ever you bring together a powerful dose of energy and focus, you’re always going to have a good workout. You then throw in a hit of intensity to speed up the fun which also adds even more pain to the already unnatural pump, and you have an unforgettable performance. As we mentioned at the start of our DVST8 review, Inspired’s pre-workout is unfortunately being reformulated so we won’t be putting it our top 10. That being said it does definitely deserve to be on there. If we had to compare it to some of its competitors, it’s along the lines of Performax Labs HyperMax or possibly a more focused MAN Sports Game Day. While its days are numbered, if you get the opportunity Inspired’s DVST8 is a pre-workout well worth your time.

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